Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Ever Changing Dashboard

I like having some sort of dashboard, but I'm not a big fan of bold prints or photos that might distract me. For some time I've only had a few sheets of paper in front of my planner that I've used as a dashboard. I recently watched Giftie's 2016 Planner Set-up and noticed that she had some sort of plastic insert as her dash and decided to copy the idea.   I've heard it said,

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."
(Charles Caleb Colton) 

If this is so, I hope Kristy feels flattered because I love taking her ideas and trying to make them work for me. I riffled through my planner drawer until I found a plastic pouch that would work and put it into my planner.  My sticky notes stay stuck  :)  and I can easily move around to either side of the pouch.  It has the added bonus of holding the latest school picture of my boys, which I like quite a bit and anything else that is flat can be stuck inside

Side note:  the orange sticky note is the schedule we follow every week for "Friday School" (our church homeschool group).  I know the order we do things but can never quite seem to remember the times!

The current grocery list is behind my dashboard and my blank note pages are behind that. I regularly go though any notes I take and discard the ones that are needed and make project pages out of the rest.

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  1. Mine changes constantly! That plastic clear board has changed how I plan!