Thursday, March 3, 2016

Ideas for Inserts Conclusion [Part 4]

Looking for inserts on Pinterest seems like a no-brainer, wouldn't you agree?  I could get lost in all the beautiful inserts shared freely there.

I scroll through Pinterest regularly just looking for a topic to get me started with an idea.  How many Week on 2 Pages layouts does one person need?  My take is you always need choices!  (I have many WO2P layouts in both indexes!)

Sometimes I see a layout that I want that is for sale but I know that I can duplicate it myself.  What to do?   If I ever duplicate one of those inserts, I never offer it on my blog.  That wouldn't be right at all.  The DIYfish daily page is one of those pages.  I don't feel like her system of fold out daily, weekly and monthly pages would work for me but I absolutely love the daily page and it is my go to when I need a daily (not very often, once or twice a month).

Here's my favorite planner Pinterest board:  DIY Planners & Organizers Pinterest Group - and of course there is always mine:

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  1. Thanks for the ideas. I love looking, but don't use that many. There are many fun decorated ones that catch my eye, but I tend to rely more on the less decorated, practical ones.

  2. I am a contributor to that board also! :) the Diy pinterest one.