Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What's New With Planner Fun

Note:  My blog is still "open" even though the posts have been sporadic because of time constraints.  March has been a very busy month!

I have been all over the place lately when it comes to my daily and weekly planning.  I used the Week on 2 Pages PLUS (and some moderation's) for several weeks, and found the layout super helpful.  I think I have finally learned, though, that my original Week on 2 Pages (created based on the layout Giftie Etcetera used when I first discovered her blog) will always be my favorite.  Because I like to create templates as much as I like to use them, I updated it slightly - just with a new font and a slightly larger inner column.

I tried using daily pages everyday for a time, and while I really liked the page I created (basically I copied the Franklin Covey daily page, sorry I can't share it), I found that I almost stopped using my weekly pages and felt disorganized and wondered constantly if I was forgetting something.  I went back only using daily pages on super-busy days.

Notice how I keep talking about "going back" to my original layouts and methods? That shows me to stick with what works - but that's probably not going to stop me from creating!

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  1. Congratulations on finding what works. It's good to have something to compare new inserts to.
    I've kept my old daily or weekly pages, not for reference, but to see what worked or not. I also keep going back to my favorite week pages.