Sunday, April 10, 2016

5 Things Your Planner Can't Do

I love my technology, my gadgets, my apps, my get the picture.  There was  a time that I was all about that and I didn't use a paper and pencil planner  AT ALL!  <gasp>  Can you even imagine?

Now I don't add appointments to, or make to-do lists on, my phone.  I carry my planner everywhere.  It fits in my purse (I make sure of that) and sometimes I just leave the house with my planner and my keys.  It hangs out beside my desk, the coffee table, the corner table in the kitchen, and my bedside table.  I depend on it.  I never imagined that would be me.

Still, let me tell you, I depend on my phone because there are 3 things a paper planner can't do.

1.  It can't remind you in one hour to make sure your blood sugar isn't too low (usually because, like a dork, you took too much insulin or the wrong insulin before bed).

2.  It can't wake you up at 5am to take your antibiotic premed before your 11am peridontist appointment.

3.  It can remind you, but you still can't use it to pay your utility bill.

4.  It can't tell you your bank balance.

5.  It can't message your sister so you can vent about your stressful day.

I converted to using a paper planner in the middle of 2014 and haven't looked back.  I can't see how I could manage my life, as well, without it and I hope I never have to do without my smartphone as well!


  1. My phone lives in my planner (depending on which one i am using), so i think of them as sisters. Each having their own uses but better together

  2. My phone lives in my planner, so i think of them as sisters. Each with their own uses but jointly organising my life.