Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Leaving Comments and Getting Replies

If you have ever left a comment or question on a Blogger blog and didn't receive a reply, there are a couple things you can do to increase the likelihood of your comment being seen.

1. Go into your Blogger profile and click "Show my email address."  If the blogger is getting an email notification of your post, she can reply to that notification and you will get a reply in your inbox.  

2. After leaving you question or comment don't forget to go back later to see if there is a reply.  If you don't think you will remember, subscribe to the post comments (image below) and you will be notified in your RSS reader when there has been a response.

3.  If you want to make sure you get a reply to your comment, leave your email in your comment.  Many don't want to do this because they do not want to get email spam.  I generally don't worry about spam because of Gmail's filters, but if this is a concern, you can right your email like this:  becky "at" gmail "dot" com.  Spam robots can't decipher this but the blogger will!

I personally wish I could hit reply to every notification and respond to comments and questions that way!  If the above options don't work for you, remember that there is a contact button on my site where you can enter a comment or question there.

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