Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Note to my Readers

This past June, my family went on an internet break until the election was over. We took this time to pray for our country and, as an added bonus, we were able to avoid most of the negatives from a presidential election.

But now I am back!  I have the internet back full-time and I am ready to blog again.  Actually, I've missed it quite a bit!  With homeschooling, I stay consistently busy, so I won't be posting every single day (at least not inserts), but hope to maintain a healthy balance with all of my responsibilities.

So, I hope you will stay tuned. Please feel free to send suggestions and ideas you would like to see on the blog.  Thanks for being patient with my absence - I hope to talk with many of you soon.


  1. Welcome back Becky!
    All best wishes from the UK x

  2. Welcome back! So happy to see you post again. You were definitely missed. xxx

  3. Thanks guys and thanks for sticking with me. It has been an unusual year for me. I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.