Thursday, November 17, 2016

Bullets to Inserts

I could spend hours on Pinterest looking at bullet journal layouts!  Each layout is made personally by the journal's creator to fit their own needs, and because of that, they are all so creative!  I've recreated a couple for my own personal use and in the past, shared some with you.  I am starting a new series where every week I will take a bullet journal layout and convert it to a planner insert.  Sometimes the insert will look very similar to the original and at other times it will be "based on" the original.

The first layout/insert in the series has actually been created two different ways.  The original is a one-page weekly layout that has a column for the days of the week and a second column that has an area for memorization (in her case it was scripture), to-do's, notes for next week, and task tracking - and I made one very similar to it.  The second layout is the same except I switched out the memorization part for areas for money matters and a "things we need" section.

Feel free to send me links to layouts you are interested in seeing converted.

In the future, you will see links to the original bullet journal layout.  In this case, the layout was found on Pinterest and posted as an image - no link to the original.  If you have seen this layout before and can direct me to the creator, I would be so grateful.

UPDATE:  I found the creator! She says this layout is a popular one. You can visit Christine to see more of her awesome layouts. 

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