Monday, July 16, 2018

[31 Days #16] Planner Walk Through: Lists Section & a Note About That Inbox

On day 12 I talked a little bit about my dashboard and how behind it I have blank paper that serves as my "inbox."  I didn't go into a lot of detail about the inbox but it is really a big deal in the GTD system.

When you first get started with this system, you are encouraged to write everything that you've been thinking about into your inbox.  The planner world also calls that a "Brain Dump".  Once that's done, you take every item your wrote down and process it - you put it somewhere and sometimes that is a list.

My list section holds several different lists and like my projects section, I keep an index as the very first page to list all my lists!  😏

My current lists are:

  1. Someday List
  2. Priority list
  3. Planner To Do List
  4. Christmas Wish List
  5. Cleaning Tasks List
  6. Master Goal List

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