Monday, July 2, 2018

[31 Days #2] How to Make Your Own Inserts

Please know that you will not become an insert-making master overnight.  It takes time!  I started in 1997 using Microsoft Publisher. A few years ago I did an internet search for a free desktop publishing program and discovered, for free, Serif PagePlus.  Others use Microsoft Word, Excel and a number of other programs.

Here's how I learned to make inserts:  practice, practice and, yes, more practice.  I learned it the same way I learned my way around a computer - I spent lots of time clicking buttons to see what this or that function would do.

It may feel like it is slow-going, but just think of the world of possibilities it will open to you.  Want to know what one of my favorite thing to do when creating inserts?  I like to pour over Instagram and Etsy looking for inserts I love, and then try to recreate them myself.  Sometimes it is just a challenge to see if I can do it!

It's important to note that I never offer these on my blog for free (or otherwise), nor do I share finished project - they are just for my own personal use.  Linking to the original creator's site would be a good thank you - tell your readers how much they need that insert!

Do you make inserts?  Please feel free to share your links to your shops, blogs, etc.

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