Friday, July 6, 2018

Daily Page or Weekly Spread?

It took me a while to convince myself that I didn't have to use both, or one or the other.  From my perspective, it is all about figuring out what works best for the individual.  There are all sorts of planners:  single moms, stay at home moms, working moms, Moms with a home business, single or married women without children, single women with a home business...the list goes on and on.  Not every single woman will need the same layout or inserts.

I'm a homeschooling mom with teenagers.  We have a lot of activities going on, but not every day is busy enough to warrant a daily page, so this is how I set up my planner.  I regularly use a week on 2 pages layout with plenty of space to write.

If I have an appointment, I write it on the appropriate day like this:  2 - Ortho Jon, which means at 2 pm Jonathan has an orthodontist appointment.  I don't bother with am or pm unless I somehow end up with an appointment at 6 am and 6 pm.

I also write my to-do's on each day like this:  ○ Make ortho appointment  I can tell at a glance that a circle is a to-do item and a number is an appointment.  Typically I put the appointments at the top of the day.

If I have several appointments and many to-do's for a particular day, or if  I need some extra room to plan, that's when I will pull out a daily page.  I keep several undated daily pages printed so they are always ready.  If I am referring to both my weekly spread for the current day AND a daily page, something might get lost in the process so I always take a highlighter and write "Daily" in my weekly spread to remind me to refer to and write everything down on the daily page.  That might sound confusing - please feel free to ask questions.

That's how it works for me.  Do you use a daily page, weekly spread or both?

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