Thursday, July 12, 2018


Since I have changed planner sizes, quite a bit has changed, so today I am going to show you how my planner is working for me this week.

We will start with the dashboard.  In the past I have just used the front of my first divider as my dashboard but decided to do something different this time so I could utilize both sides.  My husband tends to save birthday cards and I raided his stash for an appropriate size.  I cut front of the card to size, punched holes and that was it.  Instant dashboard!  I keep a little sticky note on it to jot down quick items that I know we need to buy.  I used to keep a note of outstanding checks and debits to cross of when they cleared the bank, but moved it to my money section.  It may come back - we'll see how that works.  The second side has more sticky notes, an adhesive pocket (stamps) and an orange page flag reminder (this one says "H20 jugs and Aldi bags" that I put on my grocery list because I often forget).

After the divider (you'll see it on the right in the above picture), I have a couple of reminder cards that I use with the GTD system:  my daily planner routine, my weekly planner review, and my weekly checklist).  There's also a couple of blank pages that serves as an "inbox".  That's where I jot down information that I don't have time to process but will get to when I go through my daily planner routine or my weekly review.

I keep a little notebook near my planner that I use to keep notes.  If I have a lot of going on, I will put inbox items in there.  Basically, it's a place to brain dump.

Tomorrow we'll talk about my daily section!

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