Thursday, November 29, 2018

Planner Plans for 2019 (and This Week in my Planner)

This week I am using inserts that I created, but were inspired by Brandy Michelle Plans. The week after Thanksgiving is pretty slow, so I decided to use these instead of a DO2P layout that I had been using. 

Appointments are added at the top of the section for each day and daily tasks below that.  I also track exercise and water as a reminder.
Have you made your plans for 2019 yet?  What inserts are you planning on using?  For the first time ever I am purchasing inserts instead of making my own.  Like I mentioned above, I prefer a DO2P and buying them makes more sense than printing my own every week. 

My new inserts will be arriving next week.  I chose Franklin Covey's "Her Point of View" week on 2 pages in Compact size.  I love how colorful they are.
I am creating my monthly pages for 2019 and will be offering them on the blog (for free) soon, in Compact size.

What are you using for 2019?

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