Monday, December 10, 2018

Week on 2 Pages with Time Block

From the archives:  once upon a time, I used daily pages only on occasion and did all of my planning using week on 2 page inserts.  The layout below is one that I liked a lot.  The image below shows how I used it.

4/26/16  This is practically identical to the layout I am using now with the exception of the schedule bar down the middle.  I'm not sure how this will work for everyone but in my head, it works.  I saw a layout on Pinterest with the time scheduling and thought I would like to try it since sometimes the tasks fill up the page, a schedule would block out my busy times.  Here's how I plan to use it:

Appointments or scheduled tasks are written on the appropriate time side and I circle the time.  I blocked the time two ways:  drew a box around the busy times (Tuesday) and I circled the time I would be busy and drew a line down when I would be through (Thursday)  Maybe this one would be a good one to send to Giftie so she could show us different ways to use it!

This layout is undated and formatted for a half-page insert.  Print on letter-size paper, flip and print the other side.  Cut down the middle and punch your holes!

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  1. love this layout. This is similar to what I was using before I picked up my happy planner