Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Summer Planner

It's been so long since I've posted that I'm not sure you guys are even around anymore to see a new one!  Still, I have some time to share so that's what I'm doing!  <smile!>

This summer finds me back in my Malden after using a pretty turquoise blue Recollections planner, from Michaels, this past Spring. The leather is durable and pretty and is set up perfectly for me to use as a wallet.  The back inside cover has a pocket for a notepad and my iPhone fits inside just right.  I can see myself using it for many years to come.

It was a year ago that I switched from using a half-size (8.5 x 5.5) planner to personal size.  I had always said I couldn't use one that small because I needed room to write, but I have found that I have all the space I need.  To be honest, now I can't imagine using the bigger size again!

The first thing I see when I open my planner is a plastic page protector.  Small slips of paper and other items go here - such as receipts and stamps.

My first section is labeled "Ideas," which is really just the inbox.  I can scribble anything here that I need to write down quickly and process it later.   A brain dump wouldn't be out of place here, and I often keep extra paper in the back of the divider.

The very next divider is "Lists" where I keep, you guessed it, lists!  I follow Brandy Michelle Plans who is a big Getting Things Done (GTD) fan.  I've modeled a lot of my planner after hers because it is so functional and it works do well!  Check out her videos on YouTube.  Anyway, lists here include my goals, weekly & monthly review checklists, a packing list, my medication list, and frequently used addresses.

I have a section for projects I am working on and then my calendar is in back:  Month on 2 pages, Week on 2 page, and 2 days on 1 page (I call my daily sheets).

Lastly you'll find a-z tabs, that are really for addresses, but I use them as a filing cabinet, tucking away information in alphabetical order that I will need later.  I also add things such as my hair color number, some account numbers, passwords, and single pages that don't need a section and divider.