2016 Inserts

2016 Dated Inserts

2016 Half Size Daily Pages

2016 Half Size Week on 2 Pages
2016 Half Size Week on 1 Page  1/9/16
2016 A5 Week on 1 Page  1/20/16

2016 Letter Size Monthly Calendar with Sunday Start
2016 Half Size Monthly Calendar with Sunday Start
2016 Personal Size Monthly Calendar with Sunday Start
2016 Personal Size Monthly Calendar with Monday Start
2016 Pocket Size Monthly Calendar with Sunday Start

folded monthly calendar
February - Half and 4x6 size  1/24/16 
March -  Half   |  Personal  |  4x6   1/24/16 

2016 Half Size Future Pages
2016 Personal Size Future Pages
2016 Letter Size Grade Sheets for Homeschoolers (Jan - May)
2016 Daily Tracker 1/14/16
2016 Dated Future Pages with Calendars  (2/1/16)

Other Inserts

Monthly Giftie Etc - Planner Fun Team Up
January  1/11/16
February 2/10/16
March 3/31/16
April  4/18/16
May 5/12/16

undated daily
Daily Page  1/19/16
Daily Page - Color Version  1/19/16

undated weekly
Half Size Week on 2 Pages #1  12/29/15
Half Size Columns Week on 2 Pages #2  12/30/15
Half-Size Something Different Week on 2 Pages  1/15/16
Week on 2 Pages PLUS  (Half, A5, Letter)   1/25/16    Popular!
Week on 2 Pages PLUS Unshaded version (Half)  2/3/16
Week on 2 Pages Boxes PLUS (half) 1/30/16
Simple Week on 1 Page with To Do List  (Half)  2/5/16
Simple Week on 1 Page (Personal)  2/9/16
Weekly Two Page Spread (half)  2/15/16
Week on 4 Pages (EC style) 2/22/16
Week on 2 Pages with Time Block  4/26/16
Week on 1 Page (graph paper)

Notebook Inspired Half Size Notepaper 12/23/15
Flowers in a Jar Half Size Notepaper 12/30/15
Love Bees Personal Size Notepaper  1/22/16
Love Bees Half Size Notepaper 1/22/16
Girl with Glasses Notepaper  2/17/16
Spring Has Sprung Notepaper  3/31/16
Simple Thank You Notes  4/29/16
Flip Flop Notepaper 5/4/16
Things To Do Notepaper  5/9/16
Thanksgiving Notepaper  11/14/16

Grade Sheet, letter size
Homeschool Schedule 1/13/16

to-do listsFive-at-a-Time To Do List  4/20/16

Online Order Tracker  1/2/16
Blood Sugar, Insulin, & Food Tracker  2/5/16
12 Month Tracker  4/19/16

Planner Belongs To Insert (half) 1/7/16

Checkbook Register, half size, Portrait orientation 1/18/16 

Weekly Blog Action Plan  1/21/16

Washi Inventory - personal size 1/8/16
Reading List  1/12/16
Just Lined Columns  1/18/16
Grids and Lines

1 comment:

  1. Hi Becky,
    Thanks so much for sharing all your experiences and inserts with your followers. I really enjoy seeing everything that you use because it's a great way to get ideas. I was a filofax person forever!! first in a personal size and then I moved into an A5 but then I got a different job where I needed to carry my calendar so switched to a traveler's notebook, wide. So far liking the change. I got today's email about the 12 month tracker and was thinking of using is to track daily food shopping (yes, unfortunately, I need to shop a few times a week!) When I opened the file, I saw it won't necessarily work so I was wondering if you have done a daily tracking sort of like you sent out this morning but numbered 1 to 30, for a few months so it would fit on a personal size. I can tip it into my traveler's notebook. What do you think??
    Thanks a bunch.