Friday, February 26, 2021

One Week In A Traveler's Notebook - Update


I know for sure that I enjoy using a TN.  Adding inserts, folders, notebooks - whatever I want - has been lots of fun.  I've made this one pretty chunky in just a week's time, and the inserts (booklets) hang out a bit past the notebook cover.  I will take that in account when I purchase my "permanent" notebook around my birthday.

The elastics on this Michael's Traveler Notebook are so thin, and it is about to drive me crazy.  I had another TN in my Amazon cart before I remembered my promise to wait until my birthday, and took it out.  I'm glad I did because I was about to order the wrong size.
So, my decision to give this a trial run was a good one.  I started a list of all my thoughts about the TN in my notes section.  Yep, quality elastics went to the top of the list.  I also want one that has inside pockets, as I always want a wallet setup.  I'm undecided about the closure.  I thought about one with a snap, but elastic definitely encourages my chunky tendencies! 

I've also been delving into the DIY world of
making dashboards, booklets, and pockets!

I am so comfortable with making inserts for my compact planner, but making printables for the TN has been a bit challenging (TN calls the little booklets "inserts"), but you know I am going to try!

Anyone else use a TN? 

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Cool Hack I Discovered for Planners and Traveler's Notebooks

 During my exploration of Traveler's Notebooks, I've been viewing a lot of YouTube videos.  There's a whole other side of planning out there, folks!

This morning while I was watching how to use a TN as a wallet, I came across a hack that kind of combines rings with strings - and one that I knew I would be able to use.

As you may know, TN's are basically a combination of notebooks, sometimes with other accessories, such as folders, dashboards, wallet inserts, etc.  The video I was watching showed how to make a credit card holder and how to put it in a TN with an elastic band.  She went on further to show how to put it in a ringed binder with a rubber band.  

I thought that was pretty cool, but then she took a small notebook, put a rubber band around it, and put that in her ringed binder.  Wow!  Why hadn't I thought of that?  I like carrying around an extra little notebook in my planner, but it adds so much bulk to the side pocket.

See the picture below?  Just find the center of your notebook and put a rubber band around itand then put the rubber band around/inside your rings.  Your notebook will sit nicely in front, or put it in the back (or the middle if you want!), and your side pocket will still lie nice and flat.

It is extremely easy to slip that notebook in and out as well.  I keep a lot of information in my A-Z files, but if you had different-sized planners, and didn't want to buy the A-Z dividers for each planner, put your information in a Reference Notebook, and just move it out of one planner and into another.

It's the little things - know what I mean?

Monday, February 22, 2021

Undated Month on Two Pages Multi-Pack for Freebie (half-size)

A follower asked for an update of an insert that I made a couple of years ago and asked that it be undated so that she can fill them in herself and use them whenever.  She also asked for a Monday start.

I was happy to accommodate her request and added a few extras, that I'll explain.  These inserts are designed to be printed on half-size paper.

Pages 1-2:  monthly spread, M-Sun, no month or year

Pages 3-4:  monthly spread, M-Sun, fill in Month:______________   Year:  _________

Pages 5-28:  Left side dated Jan - Dec, Right side fill in 20___

Pages 29-32:  option for the second page, years 2021 - 2024

That might not make sense, but once you see it, it should.  If you have any questions, please ask!

Download Here

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Planner Stack & Last Week's Recap

 Last week we were one of the millions that experienced a winter storm.  We were so fortunate that we never lost power.  Our internet, however, did go out, and even though I know I sound very pitiful, I will say it was rough!  It wasn't just me, it was my 18 & 20-year-old guys, and my husband - and it is amazing how much we all depend on the internet for our cable, for our movies, for our schoolwork, for our blogging, email, weather report, temperature checks, sports see what I'm saying.  

Right before the Internet guy came out on Saturday, my package from Michael's arrived (the mail didn't deliver between Tues and Fri because of the ice (we Alabamians don't know how to drive in it!). Michael's had some good clearance prices on their planners and I had ordered a few things.

I'm getting ready to jump down a rabbit hole!  I bought 3 Traveler notebooks (Michael's calls them that instead of Traveler's Notebooks) and 2 Traveler refill books.  The lingo has confused me a bit, because the cover is called a notebook.  The books (booklets?) inside are called inserts.  It's taking me a minute.

The covers were $3 each and they came with a craft folder and two inserts.  The refill books were $1 each - some are grid paper, and some are plain white.  I spent under $20 (including shipping) for all of it, so I felt like I got a good deal. 

The quality definitely isn't as good as a true TN, and I can tell already I don't like the strings that came with them - they are thin and too stretchy.  I decided I wasn't going to go crazy buying a leather TN and all the accessories until I give the planning system a try to decide if I really like it. I am going to give a try between now and April (my birthday) and if I like it, then I will let myself buy a few things.

Switching gears.

I think I have officially started collecting the Recollections Personal Planners from Michael's.  Since they are discontinuing them, chances are I won't go crazy and buy more (however I did buy one off eBay, LOL!)  Here's what I have so far.

The gold and white stripe personal on the left, and the A5 white pearl on the right are my newest purchases.  I plan on buying anymore A5's, but I really wanted the white one! <grin>

Ready for the new week.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

New Planner Setup: Lots of Ch-Ch-Changes!

A couple of weeks ago I bought a new planner for my collection, and today was move-in day!  In the middle of taking everything out of the old one, I decided it was too cluttered.

I removed the dashboard/inbox and kept a few sheets of graph paper for notes.

I removed the daily divider tab which I technically never used - I always use the page finder.

I removed the weekly divider tab and weeks-on-1-page.  I don't use them as much as I thought I might.  Instead, as you see in the picture above, I added a quick week-at-a-glance at the top of my daily page.

I removed the monthly divider and stuck it on a blue Avery tab.

The projects and health dividers are also gone.  I have enough room to do project planning on my daily pages since my days are so less busy.  The medication list was put in my A-Z files since it was the only thing under the health divider.  Well, actually there were fold-out calendars that I made to keep up with health symptoms, but yeah, I know I won't do that.

My money divider is also gone, but I have an Avery green tab to help me find my balance sheet.

I had a plastic zippered bag in the back of my planner that I had salvaged from a Traveler's notebook, but decided to take it out also since it was over-sized and added bulk that I didn't need.

As a result, my planner is looking much nicer and has slimmed down considerably.  I like the look and will enjoy using it until the next time I decide to change things around again!  <grin>

P.S. the ladies on my computer screen?  The first three are my sisters, and the last one is me.  The first two, Jennifer and Jessica, are identical twins.  The third one is Elizabeth who is 10 ½ months older than me.  (We are 51, 51, 54, and 55)  I am truly blessed to have such wonderful sisters!!

Monday, February 15, 2021

Using Your Planner As Your Wallet

I have been using my planner as a wallet for many years. Since I carry it everywhere, it made sense to make that change, and I don't think I have once regretted my decision.  It has helped me be more choosy about what I keep (necessary) and the things I don't know what to do with (unnecessary).  I will keep an appointment card until it is processed in my planner, but I will find a better place (or throw away) an old movie ticket stub.

So, how do you use a planner as a wallet?  The first thing you do (much like setting up a planner), is decide what you need.  That is usually a place for cash, cards, and possibly coins. Normally I would keep a pocket calendar or to-do list in my wallet, but obviously, you'll already have that set up in your planner.

Cash:  I fold mine and put it in an easily accessible cardholder.  Some planners have pockets that you can slip cash in without folding it (Filofax Malden, for example). Another idea would be to use an envelope, either one made for your planner, or one that you customized to fit, to hold your cash.  I have a plastic zippered pocket that is hole punched and kept in the back of my planner for stamps and address labels.  I will sometimes put checks and cash back there, and occasionally coins (which I don't usually carry at all).

Credit Cards:  My planner has many areas to hold cards and I access mine on the front inside pocket.  If that is not available to you, you could make or purchase cardholders (something like this).

Your pen and to-do list are always with you, as well as your calendar that helps you make appointments when you're out and about.  I've loved that part - taking my boys to an orthodontist appointment and being able to schedule an appointment and write it in right there.

If you use your planner as your wallet, how did you set it up?  Any tips and tricks for us?

Friday, February 12, 2021

A Note About Printing My Inserts, and a New Download

This past week I had an idea for a new daily page that I wanted to create.  I sketched it on paper while the idea was fresh and put it aside for when I had more time to work on it.  After a bit of work, I printed my first draft.  I will probably change the fonts, but I like the way it turned out.

The page would be especially handy for a college student, which got me thinking about if I should try a different method of sharing my inserts with my readers.  I tried printing two pages on letter size paper, which would work great if you weren't going to print on the other side, LOL!  No matter what I tried, I couldn't get the pages lined up correctly for double-sided pages.

So, since this is a hobby for me and is meant to be fun, I decided not to stress out over that.  I will continue to offer my inserts for free and they will be formatted to be printed on paper that is the same size as the insert. I hope that won't be too much trouble for you and that you will be able to find some that you like.

One of the things I like most about this daily page is the horizontal schedule at the top of the page.  It is not meant to be used for a lot of details (use the notes instead), but as a way to see your schedule at a glance.  The open blocks make it easy to see when you are free.  I outlined appointments in red (see sample picture below) to make them stand out.  The weather block is helpful for planning the day, and, as I have mentioned before, I like having a designated place to jot down what I need to take with me when leaving the house - so I glance at the weather (rainy) and list "umbrella" in my Don't Forget location.

If you don't use the size offered, I want to encourage you to please leave a comment and let me know what size you are looking for.  I will try my best to see if I can make it happen.


How a Student Might Use This Page