Thursday, August 15, 2019

2 Useful Ways to Record Information When Your Planner Isn't Nearby

That doesn't happen often, does it?  If you're a hardcore planner, you have it near almost all the time!  <grin>  Still, occasionally it's left in the other room, or you forgot and left it at home on your errand run.  What do you do? Trust yourself to remember?

Um, no!  Not me anyway.  I still go into a room and forget why I'm there!  Here are 4 ideas to help you remember that important though:

1. Your phone.  Chances are we might forget our planner, but we are attached to our phones.  If I'm driving, I will use Siri to text the important information I want to remember.  I have also sent myself an email and recorded information in a note-taking app.  Be sure to have a built-in review process so you'll remember to check your phone for the information you need to write down.

2. Sticky Notes.  What planner doesn't have plenty of sticky notes lying around?  I keep them by the bedside table, in my purse, and on the coffee table.  The notes on my bedside table get used the most, and that happens usually when I getting ready for bed and taking my meds.  The hubby will tell me something we need, or I might have to jot down a reminder to reorder a prescription.

If neither of these things are around, you can do what I do:  repeat the information over and over until you can get to your planner!  That might not work out for the ones around you if you are sitting in church or the doctor's office, but whatever works, right?

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