Thursday, August 22, 2019

5 Minute Planner Hack

Sometimes you happen upon a good hack quite by accident. In my case, this was an accident! After cutting my graph paper in half for my dashboard /capture page, I discovered that I did not cut the paper exactly in half - by about a half-inch!

I decided to use it, even though I definitely like things all lined up. With the front pages more narrow than the others, a natural divider was made, and it got me to thinking about my grocery list. I usually jot down what we need on a sticky note throughout the week and then transfer it to my shopping list before shopping. Last week I used the narrow paper to make my list after writing in the aisle categories of my store.

I enjoyed having my list front and center with room to write in what we were out of, as well as the things I knew we would be needing. I also found the natural divider made it super easy to get to the capture page to record any information I needed to process.

Simple hack - but it is working quite nicely for me.

originally published in 2016

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