4 DIY Blog Hacks I Frequently Use

Although I like to play with washi tape and stickers on occasion, I have always considered myself to be a functional planner.  I get a thrill when I discover something that makes things a little easier, especially when it has to do with planners. 

Here are the top 4 planning hacks I use over and over.

1.  Slitting my punched pages.  Opening and closing the rings over and over can be a drag, and I've heard some say the wear and tear are rough on them - so this cuts down on having to that.

After you punch your pages, just take your scissors and cut a tiny slit through each one.  It works kind of like the discbound planners.  Now you can just press your pages into place.  If the rings get in your way while writing, you can just pull the page out, write what you want, and then press them into place.  I use this most often with my daily pages.

2.  Using expire gift or credit cards as a straight edge. When I retired from homeschooling, I retired my Joann's Teacher Discount Card as well.  I keep it in the basket with my washi and use it to tear straight lines or to draw straight lines in my planner or my B6 Stalogy.

3.  Double Punching Inserts  I have one particular insert that I use and I always want it on the right side of the page, but I want to be able to use both sides.  With this particular insert, I punch both sides of the page (and slit the pages!).  When I'm through with one side, I just pull it out, flip it over, and press it back in.  This tip has been quite handy for me!

4. Reinforcing special pages  I have a piece of cardstock in the back of my planner with a pen loop holder attached that gets lots of wear and tear and it was getting pulled out of the planner.  I solved this by taking packing tape and running it over the punched holes, folded it over to the other side and covered those holes as well, and then punched them again.  It solved the problem!

(I also used a variation of this hack to convert personal size dividers into compact size dividers, except I extended the tape before folding it over, then punched the holes.)

Bonus Hack You May Never Thought Of:

Need extra lined paper for your planner?  It occurred to me the other day that it would be easy to just cut down notebook paper to use for pages in my inbox or other places that I wanted to take notes.  Another thing I have done is bought small, composition-type notebooks at the Dollar Tree for notes.  Many of them are just the right size for compact, personal, and pocket planners.

Double Punch Hack

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  1. Great ideas! I particularly love the idea of hole-punching both sides of a page - that is really useful.
    I already use washi tape to strengthen pages that get a lot of wear and tear, which has the bonus of looking pretty.
    One thing I find useful is running a highlighter round the outside edge of the page, using a different colour for each month so that I can quickly flick through my Filofax to find a specific month. I use 6 colours then repeat - so January and July are the same colour, for example. It also makes my Filofax really bright and colourful.


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