Current Planner Setup for June 22 - 29

Guess what!?  Nothing changed at all this week! I didn't add any new inserts or sections or anything.  Surprised?  I guess that's a good thing, at least it shows that everything is working the way it should for me.

There is an area of my planner that has been working overtime that I wanted to show with you - my projects section.  As I probably have mentioned before, I homeschooled my two sons and they finished their senior year in May.  Graduation was postponed due to the pandemic, but we are now planning a ceremony for July (much smaller than we anticipated but we are thankful we get to honor them).

Our cover school has always had a traditional ceremony and reception and there's a lot of planning and thought that goes into it. After meetings with my homeschool coordinator, I have quite the list of to-dos.  Currently, my project section includes a master to-do list, followed by guest lists, thank you note list, notes on wording the text invitation (we sent out announcements earlier, now we can only invite a fraction of those people to the ceremony <sad>), and various notes.  It's nice to have a specific place to keep all this information.

The planner I told you about last week arrived and all I did was take everything out of my planner and transferring into the new one.  I love the colorful stripes - it's cheerful!

I am also working on a wellness journal, and will probably put it in the aqua, personal size planner I just moved out of.  What are you doing in your planner these days?

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  1. This is such a fun and summer-y planner, I love it.

  2. The planner looks even better filled up!
    I've lost all planning ability as of late it feels like. I need to get back on track with life. :(


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