Current Planner setup for June 8 - 14, 2020

If you followed this blog in the early days of 2014, you probably know that I started out using half-size planner pages.  For years I used this size, and the majority of the inserts I shared from the blog were also that size, but then after a trip to a nearby city to visit Michael's, I encountered the personal size planner. On a whim, I decided to give that size a try.  Even though it was called a personal size planner, the inserts were 4" x 6.75 inches. Compact inserts, a more standard size, are 4.25" x 6.75" so I decided to stick with that size.  Anyway, after a few months of using the smaller planner, I decided I loved it!  I never imagined I would give up half-size, but I did without looking back!

Last week I shared about my new A5 Moterm planner.  I thought I would be happy to be using A5 pages again, but I just wasn't!  So, I went back to basics and pulled out the newest of my 2 Recollections planner.  It's a good little planner and comparatively speaking, it is a very inexpensive planner and the ring size is awesome.  The Moterm that I wanted so bad has small rings and I can't get as much in as I can in the Recollections.  FYI, the Filofax A5 I own has good sized rings as well.

So, all of that to say I'm back using Compact inserts.  I use the planner as my wallet and it's a perfect size.

Let's see, what other changes have I made?
  • added a tracker, that I printed on a 3x3 Post-It Note, to remind and make sure I'm doing the repetitive things (Bed, meds, start laundry, water bottle 1, etc.) every day.
  • added a Blog editorial calendar so I can keep up with what I'm posting, and to make sure I don't repeat myself!  I made a fold-out insert for this for extra room.
  • The dailies that I used were very minimal and similar to the bullet journal method. If things go according to plan, by the time this post has published a download of the dailies will have already been published.

Since I love changing and trying new things, check back with me next week and I'll share all the newest things I'm doing.

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  1. I've tried everything: A5, personal and pocket size (and also TN's, BJ's and ringbounds).
    Every time I return to personal size ringbound because portability and flexibility is important to me. Pocket size was simple waaaay too small to write my endless amount of lists, trackers, to do's and agenda. A5 was waaaaay too heavy to carry in my bag all day long.
    After all those years I stick at personal size for my personal, daily stuff. A5 I use for big projects I'm working on at home.
    I change my planners often though, like I do with my handbags: I so love the feel of a "new" planner now and then.

  2. What does your blog editorial calendar look like? That's a great idea, I've never thought about making one.

    1. I have used several different kinds, but this time around I am using a simple monthly calendar that folds out. I write in the blog posts and check them off once they are written.

  3. Hi! I wanted to share that I am also in an A5 Moterm however, I use half letter pages in it...which means I have to adjust when making holes.


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