Monday, June 15, 2020

Throwback to 2015...Doodle Squares?

Today I was combing through my archives from when I first started making inserts and I found these.  To be honest, I had a good laugh because doodle squares?  <LOL!>

Back then I didn't have daily or weekly pages.  I had a to-do list in front, monthly pages where I , yes, doodled on the empty squares, and then a whole bunch of useless tabs.

I actually did use the doodle squares, especially when I was on the phone or listening to a podcast.

So, just for fun, you can download Doodle Squares HERE!

    Created on letter-sized paper.
    Half Size Inserts - print at 67%
    Personal Size - print at 44%
    FC Compact - print at 50%
    B6 - print at 58%

For more information on printing letter-size inserts into the size that best fits your planner, please refer to this very helpful blog post by MomEnvy.

Look at those tabs, LOL!

One of my first planners.  I was busy during the school year!

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