How I Achieved Planner Peace

For me, Planner Peace is all about function.  I like pretty things, white space, and the occasional sticker - but those are secondary to function.  If my planner functions the way I need it to, then I have Planner Peace, and it doesn't matter if it's a small pocket planner or a red planner or a Filofax.  My stuff is all together and I can get things done.

For my planner to function for me, it has to have a monthly calendar for appointments and due dates, inserts that show the entire week at a glance (it doesn't matter if it is a WO1P or a 2-week spread), a daily page to add more details to my day, a financial section to track my outstanding debits and checks, and an A to Z section that keeps up with random important information. The only other section I have is for projects.  Currently, I am planning a homeschool graduation ceremony and trying to put together a memory book for my dad who died 4 years ago.

If I have all those things in my planner, I have planner peace!

Does that mean I always love my divider tabs, my inserts, or never get bored with my planner cover?  Absolutely not - I like creativity and variety as much as the next person.  Those things can easily be changed out - make new dividers, try new inserts or switch out planner covers - but for me, keep the function the same!

Do you have Planner Peace?   Why or why not?

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