How I Use My Current Daily Pages

Just like the rest of my planner, I change my daily pages often as well, and these are some of my favorites.  They weren't particularly hard to create, as you see they only have the day of the week and lines and I use these bullet-style.

The first 3 lines are reserved for either errands/appointments that take me away from the house, or my top priorities for the day.  Below that, I list tasks, reminders, notes, and more - always with the appropriate key.  

Mine are below:

•     for a task
X    for completed
       for canceled,
>    for migrate to the next day
*     is for important
-      is for a note
💗 might be something I'm grateful for

I do not spend a lot of time decorating my planner, but I must admit that I do like for it to be colorful.  So, I spend some time putting Washi tape on the ends when I do my weekly review.  II might put one or two stickers on a page at the beginning of the day, but priority goes to making sure I have plenty of space to write!  Sometimes I add stickers to the previous day. Mildlighters are also a good way to add color.  Can you see I highlighted the days of the week purple in the photo above?

These inserts were inspired by a YouTuber by the name of Brandy Michelle Plans.  Check out her channel, you will be inspired!

Grab a download of the daily pages HERE.

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  1. I like having a daily insert too. I enjoy watching Brandy's YouTube channel. I first discovered GTD from her


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