How to Print on Post-it Notes (plus July-Dec 3x3 Notes Printable & Template)

Get your template and post-its printable HERE.

Have you ever printed on sticky notes?  I love making my own custom notes for just about anything. The process is simple - follow along and I'll show you how I made mine.

First, print your template.  It's the first page in the download located at the top of this post.  The download has 2 pages, so make sure you print only page 2.

Place your sticky notes on the template and make sure the adhesive portion is at the top of the box.  All the notes should be placed in the same direction.  Place the template in your printer 2 to print page 2.  You want to make sure the top (sticky) portion of the note is being fed through your printer first, if not, you'll end up with paper jams.

There you have it!   You can store your notes on your template, or do what I do: stack them and use a scrap sheet of paper or cardstock for the backing.

I often use the month post its any place I need a month at a glance view - usually on my projects divider or in the financial section.

If you find that you like printing your own Post-it notes and would like to see more designs on the blog, let me know!!

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