June Index Page - Many Uses

This morning as I was updating my June Index Page, I realized that I hadn't shared that with you guys.  I'm almost a week late, but you might still want to use it!

Even though it is a monthly tracker, I keep it as the first page in my daily section because I use it every day.  Often there is important information in my daily pages that I want to reference at a later date.  To make it easier to find, I jot the note down on the index page.  For example, my son bought tags for his first vehicle this week. If I need to know that information later (what month he bought his tags), I can scan an index page faster than I can scan through all my monthly pages.  In this case, I won't even have to look at the specific date unless I need more information, such as how much the tags cost.

This index page can be used for other things as well.  You can use it for your gratitude list, birthday list, meal tracker for the month, etc.

You can find them HERE.

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