Monday, June 29, 2020

One Book July: Are You Participating?

In case those of you involved in the planner community do not know about it, I wanted to tell you about One Book July.  To be honest, I have never participated (I'll tell you why later), but I do enjoy reading about the experiences of others in all the Instagram posts and YouTube videos.

One Book July is about using one book (planner, TN, Stalogy, etc.), one pen for one month.  What's the purpose?  In earlier years, I read, it was all about focusing on your planner system, and not all the extras we like to add.  The reason being, if your system isn't working, you'll never find planner peace. As the years have gone by, OBJ has added other elements for the month.  For example, last month the focus was on bullet journals, and a book study was done on "The Bullet Journal Method" by Ryder Carroll.  Lots of good information filled my IG and Facebook feeds.  Check out the video below (with Carrie Harling) to see what is going on this year.

Like I said above, I keep up with what everyone is doing, but I don't participate by using a different book.  My system works extremely well for me and I dont' want to change anything.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's books in July


  1. I am hoping to stick to my current planner. I have a bunch of stickers and lots of pen choices so I don't think I could stick with one pen for the whole month.

  2. Each year I look and last year did the bullet journal. But it did not last long, I lent the book to a colleague at work and never got the book back (been made redundant)


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