Repurposing Packaging

Last week I found these clips, ruler, and washi tape (all packaged together) at the Dollar Tree. I tend to look for more functional rather than pretty items, and these fit the bill. The only thing I actually liked from this package was the binder clips. The heart clips and ruler I can live without.

I have 3 or 4 rolls of washi tape so It will be good to add another to my collection; the other rolls are 2-3 years old - I tend to make them last.

Oddly enough, the thing I was the most pleased with was the packaging. It's all very cheap - $1 you know - but it is also extremely functional.

The items came in a plastic ziplock bag of sorts. It had three holes punched down the side, and I just gave it another punch so that it would fit my planner. I'd probably pay $1 just for the zipped bag. This zipper bag cost $7.19 on Amazon. Again, the quality isn't perfect, but it works very well.

Originally published December 12, 2018, edited June 2020

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  1. I do exactly the same (and my family makes fun of me for it). I look for packagings I can use for all different purposes: Make flyleafs out of it, pockets or ziplock pockets, storage for washi or clips, thin plastic sheets I made dividers/tabs out of etc.
    In my country we don't have dollar stores but we have a couple of cheap shops with LOTS of planner goodies without knowing themselves 😁


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