Using a B6 Stalogy as a Faith Journal and for Everyday Notes

Since quarantine started, I've been watching how other planners use a B6 Stalogy (or other notebooks) to plan. I had birthday money around the same time so I wanted to give it a try myself.

I've tried bullet journaling before, but I always go back to my rings.  However, I did discover I did like having a book that I could just open and start writing in.  Currently, I use it every day as a faith journal.  I take part in different topical scripture writing "challenges" so I am writing scripture in it daily, I also take Bible Study notes, do SOAP devotions, etc.

I took the rings out of my personal Malden and am using it as a cover for the Stalogy.  It was easy to do and I don't regret it.  Do you use a bullet journal or other notebook for planning or are you "rings only?"

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