Using a Reference Book with my Stalogy

Yesterday I impatiently waiting for the first of the month to start my new Stalogy, and now half the month is gone.  Incredible.

I continue to enjoy using a Stalogy for all my planning.  I was a rings girl for so long and never imagined I would switch.  For now, it feels like I would never go back, but honestly, you never know about me!

There were several reasons I  could never imagine myself in a bound book, but in time, solutions to those reasons have presented themself.

In every ringed planner I used, I always had A-Z tabs in the back.  I had it chocked full of useful information.  I didn't know how that would work with a bound planner, because I did NOT want to rewrite that information in every book I used.  I viewed several YouTube videos before I found the solution in what I call my "Reference Notebook".  

It makes sense, Traveler's Notebooks have individual inserts (notebooks) for different categories, including reference or information books.  That was exactly what I needed.  After filling in all the lists I use from Month to Month, such as medications, master shopping list, wish lists, etc., I put the notebook on a string in my de-ringed planner (post on that coming soon).

 I was surprised to discover that the closer I got to 50, my usually very good memory was giving me a hard time!  My reference book helps with that a lot.  It includes the usual contact information and passwords, but also the makeup shade and hair color I use, as well as what size clipper guards the stylist use when she cuts my boy's hair.  OK, the 18 and 20 now, and drive themselves to get haircuts - they also tell the stylist how they want their hair cut, but this is how I USED to do it!  <grin>

How do you use a reference notebook?  Have a different method?  Tell me all about it!

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  1. I love this idea! It would be such a good way to put those random, small notebooks to use, too.

  2. Great Idea! I have always hated writing the same information again and again. Thank you!


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