DIY Custom Dashboard

I love DIY planners.  I rarely use all of the inserts that come with a new planner and I am just now realizing that I know better than to think I will!  It's because I also love the creative process of making things and seeing how it will look in my planner.  I love seeing other inserts and layouts and see if I can duplicate the look until I move on to trying something else.  The planning system remains the same, so everything else is just for looks!

Today I created a new dashboard for my planner.  I made it a top tab that says "Inbox" and while I was getting ready to print out the template, I decided to put a label, "shopping" in the upper right-hand corner because that is where I always put a little sticky note to jot down things we need at the grocery (there's also a little square printed the same size at the sticky note). A 3x3 white Post-its was added for note-taking.

My last idea was to print my "if lost return to:" information at the bottom of my dashboard.  My planner sticks pretty close to me -  I hope that is never needed.  I can't even imagine what it would be like to lose my planner.

All of this was printed on vellum, cut out, and then laminated.  My laminator is my favorite new toy.  It cost me about $20 on Amazon - I don't know why I waited so long to get one!

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