New Creative Space

For the last couple of years, most of our homeschooling was done at the kitchen table.  I didn't have a desk of my own so when the school day was over, everything was put back where it belonged.  I really wanted an area of my own and my husband made it happen!

Even though the boys have graduated, I still need desk space for some of my other interests such as planning/planners and Bible study, menu planning, etc.  Now I have so much space, I have a little dedicated spot for some of my favorite Willow Tree figurines.

My husband and I visited Home Depot to purchase a piece of 8 ft wooden laminate that fit perfectly into my space and 11" was cut off to make two shelves that were installed above the printer.  It is well-lit with fluorescent light and is really everything I wanted. It's not a fancy spot, and as renters, there is only so much you can do, but I absolutely love how is customized to my liking.  Not only is my husband very handy, but he's not much of a procrastinator.  When I told him I was ready for my creative space, he set out to make it happen

Below are some snaps of my area.  The pictures on the wall were just placed wherever a nail was present.  My next project is to add more pictures and balance them all out appropriately!

Do you have a designated creative space in your home?

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  1. Such a lovely area, it looks so cozy! It's really inviting to sit down and play around with your planners (I LOVE the holographic one by the way 😁)


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