Cool Hack I Discovered for Planners and Traveler's Notebooks

 During my exploration of Traveler's Notebooks, I've been viewing a lot of YouTube videos.  There's a whole other side of planning out there, folks!

This morning while I was watching how to use a TN as a wallet, I came across a hack that kind of combines rings with strings - and one that I knew I would be able to use.

As you may know, TN's are basically a combination of notebooks, sometimes with other accessories, such as folders, dashboards, wallet inserts, etc.  The video I was watching showed how to make a credit card holder and how to put it in a TN with an elastic band.  She went on further to show how to put it in a ringed binder with a rubber band.  

I thought that was pretty cool, but then she took a small notebook, put a rubber band around it, and put that in her ringed binder.  Wow!  Why hadn't I thought of that?  I like carrying around an extra little notebook in my planner, but it adds so much bulk to the side pocket.

See the picture below?  Just find the center of your notebook and put a rubber band around itand then put the rubber band around/inside your rings.  Your notebook will sit nicely in front, or put it in the back (or the middle if you want!), and your side pocket will still lie nice and flat.

It is extremely easy to slip that notebook in and out as well.  I keep a lot of information in my A-Z files, but if you had different-sized planners, and didn't want to buy the A-Z dividers for each planner, put your information in a Reference Notebook, and just move it out of one planner and into another.

It's the little things - know what I mean?

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  1. Cool hack! I've never thought of it either/ You have such great ideas and content!

  2. Love this hack, thank you. love your blog

  3. I've long known about how to use bands to add extra notebooks to Traveler's. But this hack with rings is a brilliant idea. I don't use rings now but if I ever do, I'll remember this!

    Came here from Travellers Notebook Times


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