Have a Place For Everything

 In order for your system to work, you must have a designated place for every part of your system, otherwise, you will find yourself letting tasks and appointments fall through the cracks.  Once your planning routine becomes a habit, you will automatically process information in its appropriate place.

  • Appointments and tasks with a due date go on the monthly calendar.
  • Items needed for the next grocery order gets written down on a sticky note located at the front of the planner on the dashboard.
  • Monthly reminders are written on a recurring tasks list and are added to the calendar when I do a monthly review.
  • Menu plans are written on a Week on 1-page calendar.
  • Next Actions are written on the weekly page and transferred to the next week as needed.
There's no right or wrong place to put these things as long as it is a plan that works for you.  For example, you would think bills due would be recorded on a monthly calendar, but I developed a plan that works better for me and doesn't require that I rewrite all the bills every month.  

Things that get forgotten easily are those that do not have a frequent due date, which is why it is important that you record them in the appropriate place, and have a method that will assure you will see it at the right time and take care of it.

However, if you are like me, you can even forget things that you have done every week, month after month!  Like the trash!  It runs every Friday morning so I should automatically remember that it needs to go out Thursday night, right?  Not necessarily, which is why I still write "take out the trash" every Thursday on my calendar.

Spend some time deliberately setting up routines that will help you remember the frequent things as well as the not so frequent things.

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  1. I've already lost a lot of information and even compromises for having spread my notes so much. Now I use Bujo for everything, leaving the other planners for artistic expression.

  2. That's a good ideas. I have a B6 stalogy that I use just in case I am feeling extra creative, I'll pull it out and do a daily layout and use my stickers and pens.


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