New Planner Setup: Lots of Ch-Ch-Changes!

A couple of weeks ago I bought a new planner for my collection, and today was move-in day!  In the middle of taking everything out of the old one, I decided it was too cluttered.

I removed the dashboard/inbox and kept a few sheets of graph paper for notes.

I removed the daily divider tab which I technically never used - I always use the page finder.

I removed the weekly divider tab and weeks-on-1-page.  I don't use them as much as I thought I might.  Instead, as you see in the picture above, I added a quick week-at-a-glance at the top of my daily page.

I removed the monthly divider and stuck it on a blue Avery tab.

The projects and health dividers are also gone.  I have enough room to do project planning on my daily pages since my days are so less busy.  The medication list was put in my A-Z files since it was the only thing under the health divider.  Well, actually there were fold-out calendars that I made to keep up with health symptoms, but yeah, I know I won't do that.

My money divider is also gone, but I have an Avery green tab to help me find my balance sheet.

I had a plastic zippered bag in the back of my planner that I had salvaged from a Traveler's notebook, but decided to take it out also since it was over-sized and added bulk that I didn't need.

As a result, my planner is looking much nicer and has slimmed down considerably.  I like the look and will enjoy using it until the next time I decide to change things around again!  <grin>

P.S. the ladies on my computer screen?  The first three are my sisters, and the last one is me.  The first two, Jennifer and Jessica, are identical twins.  The third one is Elizabeth who is 10 ½ months older than me.  (We are 51, 51, 54, and 55)  I am truly blessed to have such wonderful sisters!!

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  1. I love ALL your tips and tricks and I enjoy reading about the changes you make to your planner. Time for me to see if can whittle my contents to make some more room. It's a constant battle... but one I think we enjoy! If something doesn't suit, we can always make a change. That's the beauty of paper! I've got lots of ideas from reading your posts and some of which I plan to implement myself. Thank you!

    That's a beautiful picture of you and your sisters. Family is EVERYTHING !!

  2. thank you for your positive post, I love that you share your ideas. As the previous poster said Family is everything


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