One Week In A Traveler's Notebook - Update


I know for sure that I enjoy using a TN.  Adding inserts, folders, notebooks - whatever I want - has been lots of fun.  I've made this one pretty chunky in just a week's time, and the inserts (booklets) hang out a bit past the notebook cover.  I will take that in account when I purchase my "permanent" notebook around my birthday.

The elastics on this Michael's Traveler Notebook are so thin, and it is about to drive me crazy.  I had another TN in my Amazon cart before I remembered my promise to wait until my birthday, and took it out.  I'm glad I did because I was about to order the wrong size.
So, my decision to give this a trial run was a good one.  I started a list of all my thoughts about the TN in my notes section.  Yep, quality elastics went to the top of the list.  I also want one that has inside pockets, as I always want a wallet setup.  I'm undecided about the closure.  I thought about one with a snap, but elastic definitely encourages my chunky tendencies! 

I've also been delving into the DIY world of
making dashboards, booklets, and pockets!

I am so comfortable with making inserts for my compact planner, but making printables for the TN has been a bit challenging (TN calls the little booklets "inserts"), but you know I am going to try!

Anyone else use a TN? 

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  1. I tried TN, but it was too narrow for me. Back to A5-ish disc-based planner for me.


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