Planner Stack & Last Week's Recap

 Last week we were one of the millions that experienced a winter storm.  We were so fortunate that we never lost power.  Our internet, however, did go out, and even though I know I sound very pitiful, I will say it was rough!  It wasn't just me, it was my 18 & 20-year-old guys, and my husband - and it is amazing how much we all depend on the internet for our cable, for our movies, for our schoolwork, for our blogging, email, weather report, temperature checks, sports see what I'm saying.  

Right before the Internet guy came out on Saturday, my package from Michael's arrived (the mail didn't deliver between Tues and Fri because of the ice (we Alabamians don't know how to drive in it!). Michael's had some good clearance prices on their planners and I had ordered a few things.

I'm getting ready to jump down a rabbit hole!  I bought 3 Traveler notebooks (Michael's calls them that instead of Traveler's Notebooks) and 2 Traveler refill books.  The lingo has confused me a bit, because the cover is called a notebook.  The books (booklets?) inside are called inserts.  It's taking me a minute.

The covers were $3 each and they came with a craft folder and two inserts.  The refill books were $1 each - some are grid paper, and some are plain white.  I spent under $20 (including shipping) for all of it, so I felt like I got a good deal. 

The quality definitely isn't as good as a true TN, and I can tell already I don't like the strings that came with them - they are thin and too stretchy.  I decided I wasn't going to go crazy buying a leather TN and all the accessories until I give the planning system a try to decide if I really like it. I am going to give a try between now and April (my birthday) and if I like it, then I will let myself buy a few things.

Switching gears.

I think I have officially started collecting the Recollections Personal Planners from Michael's.  Since they are discontinuing them, chances are I won't go crazy and buy more (however I did buy one off eBay, LOL!)  Here's what I have so far.

The gold and white stripe personal on the left, and the A5 white pearl on the right are my newest purchases.  I plan on buying anymore A5's, but I really wanted the white one! <grin>

Ready for the new week.

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  1. Good Morning!!
    I'm so glad you made it through last weeks winter storm! As being an Alabama girl myself, I can attest to not dealing with the snow and ice that comes with these storms. I've been transplanted to Kentucky but I still am housebound if snow and ice appear. Here we had two inches of ice, covered in about six inches of snow. It stopped the mail, Fedex/UPS deliveries, trash pickup, clinics and more. We never lost power or internet though. I'm so ready for Spring!!

    Your new purchases look so interesting. I'm anxious to see if they work for you. I've looked at them before but never tried them though I have seen others use them with great success. Who knows ... maybe later.


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