Planning Daily Without Daily Pages

I am definitely a daily planner.  Every morning when I open my planner, I go straight to my daily pages, but lately, there hasn't been a whole lot to plan.  Since the boys graduated last spring (homeschool), my planning has changed quite a bit.  A worldwide epidemic and quarantining have had an effect as well. Several days sometimes go by before I even write on my daily page, and I've felt a twinge of guilt at the waste.  I needed to try something different.

I'm definitely going to stick with rings, but a form of bullet journaling seems to be the answer to my dilemma.  Today I decided that grid paper would work nicely.  I added today's date at the top of the page and began listing the day's tasks and reminders.  Tomorrow I will take up where I left off by adding the date and listing my tasks.

Normally I would migrate tasks from the previous day by rewriting them on the current day, but since everything is listed together, I don't see the need to do so. More than likely I will migrate tasks when flipping to the next page, again, to keep it all together.

There are plenty of ways to fill up a daily page, even when there's not much going on, and I have done that plenty by:
  • recording the day's weather
  • writing a scripture of the day
  • tracking my food
  • brainstorming
But on days when I'm not in the mood for the writing and recording, a running daily page is an excellent alternative.

Do you plan daily?  What do you do when there's not much to do?  <grin>

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