Using Your Planner As Your Wallet

I have been using my planner as a wallet for many years. Since I carry it everywhere, it made sense to make that change, and I don't think I have once regretted my decision.  It has helped me be more choosy about what I keep (necessary) and the things I don't know what to do with (unnecessary).  I will keep an appointment card until it is processed in my planner, but I will find a better place (or throw away) an old movie ticket stub.

So, how do you use a planner as a wallet?  The first thing you do (much like setting up a planner), is decide what you need.  That is usually a place for cash, cards, and possibly coins. Normally I would keep a pocket calendar or to-do list in my wallet, but obviously, you'll already have that set up in your planner.

Cash:  I fold mine and put it in an easily accessible cardholder.  Some planners have pockets that you can slip cash in without folding it (Filofax Malden, for example). Another idea would be to use an envelope, either one made for your planner, or one that you customized to fit, to hold your cash.  I have a plastic zippered pocket that is hole punched and kept in the back of my planner for stamps and address labels.  I will sometimes put checks and cash back there, and occasionally coins (which I don't usually carry at all).

Credit Cards:  My planner has many areas to hold cards and I access mine on the front inside pocket.  If that is not available to you, you could make or purchase cardholders (something like this).

Your pen and to-do list are always with you, as well as your calendar that helps you make appointments when you're out and about.  I've loved that part - taking my boys to an orthodontist appointment and being able to schedule an appointment and write it in right there.

If you use your planner as your wallet, how did you set it up?  Any tips and tricks for us?

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