Why You Should Consider Making a Daily Planner Routine

This goes along well with the importance of making sure you look at your planner every day, which I talked about in my previous post,
Your Planner Will Fail You If You Don't Do This.  

A daily planner routine ensures that I don't leave out any steps that are important in my daily planning process.  I learned this quickly after making the mistake of shooting from the hip when sitting down to plan every morning. While I would remember to migrate unfinished tasks from the previous day, sometimes I would forget to process my inbox for new information.  Obviously, I can't rely on my memory to remember these things.

A Daily Planner Routine doesn't have to be a complex process.  Make a list of the things you want to take care of in your planner on a daily basis and this list in a place you will see it every day. I jotted mine down on a slip of paper and slipped it in my page finder (Ring-bound Pouch Page Finder), and I can change or add to it as needed.  What should be listed can be different for everyone.  Mine includes:

  • check weekly page
  • migrate tasks from yesterday
  • process inbox
  • health tracker as needed
  • index important events as needed

Some people call this a daily review, and also do weekly and monthly reviews (or also quarterly and yearly), all of which I believe are a very important part of functional planning.

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