Your Planner Will Fail If You Don't Do This

 Look. At. Your. Planner.

I've had days when I didn't want to face life and spent the day, in the recliner, binging the Gilmore Girls.  Some days are like that.  I get it.  However, for your own peace of mind, you have to do the daily minimum of looking at your calendar.  Avoid the housecleaning and to-do lists, and check the part of your planner that organizes your day.

For me, that is my daily page.  A glance will tell me whether or not I have any scheduled appointments or a task that must be completed to ensure a smoother day.  I'm not referring to watering the plants or cleaning out the linen closet, but items such as paying the electric bill to avoid a late charge or a reminder to send a check to school with your kid.

Maybe sometimes you simply forget to look at your planner.  I know you mean to but life offers you so many distractions the moment you open your eyes in the morning.

So what do you do?  Here are some ideas:

Set an alarm.  Well, actually an appointment.  Set your phone to send you an appointment reminder to check your alarm.  Make sure the sound is on and make sure you have it set to send you an alert at the time of the "appointment".  After a while, you might be tempted to ignore the alert, especially since you know what it is.  In that case, I'd set a follow-up reminder.  You'll be glad you did!

Put your planner in a place you will see it.  After my family has left for the day, I make my way to my desk, so my planner stays there.  I sit down and open it to today.  You might want to put yours by your bedside table or on the kitchen table.  In really tough cases, you could put your planner by the coffee maker <grin>!

Put your planner with your phone.  Having hour phones with us at all times has become a way of life for just about all of us.  If you put your phone on your planner when you go to bed, you will see it when you get ready to start your day.

What are your tips for making sure you check your planner?

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  1. Love that you are blogging again.

  2. Thank you! I'm going to keep at it. If you have any ideas and suggestions you would like to see, please feel free to let me know!

  3. I love your basic advice! So helpful. I have had days that are so hectic that I forget to look at my planner as well as days where I just din't feel like dealing with anything and then don't look at my planner. I found your blog through the Saturday Web Finds page on Thanks for the encouragement!


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