DIY Fun Project

 I know that I don't normally blog on the weekend, but I thought it would be the perfect time to share with you a fun DIY project that has (technically) nothing to do with planners!  (P.S. If you have a Cricut, this won't impress you much!) <grin>

See the "planner girl" label on my pen mug?  I made it in about 6 minutes using three things:

  1. printer
  2. copy paper
  3. packing tape
There are many YouTube videos that take you through the process step-by-step; this one is the first one I looked at if you want to watch how to do it from start to finish.

But basically, in my laymen's talk, <LOL!> I printed my text on copy paper and then covered the text with a strip of packing tape.  After that, I used a credit card to smooth the surface and really press the ink into the packing tape.  Trim it to size and soak in a bowl of warm water.  After about 5 minutes, take it out and rub the paper backing off the packing tape and the ink will remain on the tape.  After it dries, the stickiness will return and you can place your label wherever you want.

This DIY will work best if you use a laser printer, the text will not be as dark if you use an injet printer.  The results above were from using an inkjet printer.  I thought it was fun, but I probably won't be running through the house labeling everything, but you never know!

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