Free Download: April 2021 Insert for Standard Size TN's (Read the Printing Update)

Today I wanted to share with you what I am using in my standard size TN for the month of April.  I made this according to my own preferences, so you might find it a little odd because it is dated...and not dated! <grin>  Here's the order of the insert:

  • Cover page - April 2021
  • April Month on 2 pages
  • Weekly page April 5 - 11 (the first four days are in my March insert)
  • 5 grid pages for M - F (I like to label, letter, etc. them myself)
  • 1 divided grid page for Saturday and Sunday

This continues until the end of the month and ends on May 2.  The last 3 pages of the insert are:

  • 31 day dated blog editorial page
  • 31 day dated gratitude page
  • 31 day dated April monthly index page.
I made my March insert the same way, and it was my first time formatting a document to print in booklet form. When I converted this one to a pdf, it looked as if it was going to print individual pages, but once I hit "print," I could see that I had formatted it correctly, and it was going to print the way that it should.

I printed it on letter-size paper and manually printed it on both sides, flipping it on the long side.  I'd say let me know if you have any questions, but again, I am very new to creating inserts and formatting them to print in booklets.  You can ask and we'll try to figure it out together.  I'd love to know if you print this out and find it to work successfully.  That would probably help determine if I should continue to share my monthly inserts!  <grin>  Once printed, I folded all the pages and trimmed them to the correct size.  I pleasantly surprised that they turned out as well as they did.

Printing Update:  Yeah, why did I think this would be easy.  Do not try to print this from the Dropbox website.  Download the file and open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader.  After tinkering with it, I found that after clicking "print", you need to click on Booklet, and for binding, choose "left tall".  As far as I can tell, that will print the insert correctly.  I would love your feedback on this - I may need to do way more research before trying to share these with you!  Sorry for any inconvenience!)

You can find the April 2021 insert here - updated.

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