How I Use Blogger and my iPhone to Blog about Planners

 I am not a professional blogger.

(How many of you just thought, "d'oh" to yourself?  LOL!  

I use blogging and planning/planners to have fun since retiring from homeschooling.  I'm not interested in using it as a way to make money, and I don't want to spend the time and mental energy taking professional-looking pictures for my blog.  I want to enjoy the process, and share with others in the hopes that they might be able to use an insert or an idea or see another perspective.  That's the best way to learn in my opinion.

Anyway, I want to share with you how I blog and a few shortcuts I use to get my planner stuff on my blog.

Photos:  I use my phone a lot, and I didn't want to take pictures, figure out the best way to download them to my laptop, and then upload them to Blogger.  I'd rather be creating!  So here's what I do:

After taking a picture I want to put on the blog, I edit and crop it with my iPhone.  The editing tools are pretty nice and the phone takes a quality picture (great light and a steady hand will help).

With my phone, I open Blogger and go to my posts.  I have a post titled "Photo Uploads" that I always keep at the top as a draft and I open and insert the pictures I am going to use in a new blog post to that post.  After they are on the post, you can delete the pictures and save the post (again) as a draft (don't publish!).

Now you are ready to create your post.  This is where I switch to the laptop where it is much easier to type! Write it up as usual and when you get ready for your pictures, go to "insert image" and select "Blogger."  Your pictures are will be at the bottom and you can insert them where you like.

Graphics:  I insert graphics the same way as I do photos, but I like using the free app, Canva to make them.  They have a lot of premade templates and it is easy to whip up a graphic for your blog posts.  The graphic above was made using Canva in about 30 seconds.

Again, if you are wanting to set up a professional blog and are interested in using it to make an income, of course, I do not recommend these tips! <grin!>  But if sharing a hobby is your goal, these are great tips to use when blogging.

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