How to Keep From Fraying the Elastics in Your Traveler's Notebook

 So, have you ever learned a new hack and thought, "I wish I had known about this when I started planning!"?  Since I am very new in my TN journey, this is a hack that I am happy to have found.

One of the basics of putting a new insert in your TN is that you open it up to the very middle, where you can see the staple, and then slide it onto the elastic. Over time, those staples will fray your elastic as the notebook rubs up against it.

One way to combat that is to put a bit of washi over the staples to protect the elastic.  I thought that was a great, simple idea and began to put washi on my notebooks.  After having done that, I stumbled upon another simple and useful tip.

If you don't like the idea of putting washi on your layout, a simpler way is available.  Open up to the middle of the book and then turn the page and put your notebook on the elastic.  You are still in the middle of your notebook and it is not being exposed to the staple.

Of course, you can avoid this altogether if you sew or hand-stitch your inserts! <grin>

I opened up to the very middle and then turned the page.
No staples can rub the elastic.

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  1. I would love a dot grid tracker for my travelers notebook. I am also struggling finding a sermon note travelers notebooks insert.

    1. Hi Louise! Would you mind going to the “bucket list “post and go into more details about what you’re looking for? Sizes, what you would like to see in sermon notes, etc.


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