My Planning System - Part 1: The Daily Review

I thought I would take the next few posts and share with you the different parts of my planning system.  I often add new things when I see something that I feel that it would help me be more efficient and organized.  I learned a long time ago that, for me, it was important to not add things just because "everyone" else had it in their planner, but it is going to help me, then I am for sure going to try it also!

Something that I prioritize in my planner is having reminders, routines, and reviews to assure that nothing is forgotten or falls through the cracks. My daily review process is my first line of defense every day and if I go through it every day, there's a very high likelihood I won't forget anything.  The only thing that would prevent me from doing that, is if I don't look at my planner every day!  So, Rule 1:  Open Your Planner. Rule 2:  Do your daily checklist (review, routine, etc.)

The Daily Review

Your daily review can be as long as you like, but I prefer mine to be as short as possible.  Think of all the places you write information and how often you need to refer to it.  If daily is your answer, write it down.

My review items are:

  • review weekly & monthly calendars (add to your daily page or your to do list the items that need to be taken care of today)
  • mark off completed tasks from the previous day and... 
  • migrate yesterday's unfinished tasks to today 
  • check today's schedule for due dates and appointments
  • process inbox notes 
  • update lists and trackers as needed 
  • .consider adding tasks from projects or next actions as needed 
  • remember:
  •                     water                    dishwasher
                        bank balance            food prep 

    Another thing to consider is where you are going to keep this list.  I have stuck mine in front pockets, in my A-Z files under review, and on my daily page finder.  The one that will work the best is a place you will be sure to see it every day.  Currently, mine is written on a sticky note and is on my dashboard (or aka inbox).  I add an extra step of protection by adding "do daily review" on my daily to-do list because believe me:  you can look at something so many times that after a while, your eyes will look glance right past it!

    Spending a few minutes every morning reviewing your daily routine will ensure a smooth start to your day.

    Do you have a daily planner routine or review?

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  1. I do it has kept me moving during this time. I feel I have done something with my day, and it stops me sitting and thinking. I can look at the daily list and see what needs to be done.


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