My Planning System - Part 2: Monthly, Weekly, & Daily Pages

 The Calendar is the workhorse of my planner, which I suspect is true of most planners.  I've used a combination of these pages over the years, but as of late, I continue to use all three.

When I homeschooled, I used a half-size planner with a week on 2 pages spread almost exclusively (with monthly pages for appointments).  There was plenty of room to write tasks and reminders and it worked perfectly for me.  When we would go to our homeschool co-op on Fridays, I would pull out a daily page with a schedule because it was always a very full day with things to remember to take with us, things to do after or on the way, and scheduled events all through the day.  

That season of life is now over and my days are filled with...whatever I want to do!  That sounds divine to a lot of you, and most of the time I love it too, but it's been an adjustment getting used to so much less busyness.  

Monthly Pages:  I use 1 month on 2 pages to schedule all my appointments and other commitments, and try to make it a point not to include items that don't have a specific due date, such as "clean out the fridge someday this week." In addition to doctor's appointments, I also write down things such as "trash out" (because after all these years I would still forget), birthdays, monthly planner review, weekly planner review, and sometimes my sons' schedules if they affect dinner or other family plans. 

Daily & Weekly Pages: I made my first booklet (aks an insert in TN lingo) for my Traveler's Notebook this month.  It included a month on 2 pages, a week on 1 page, and then 7 daily pages, which I repeated until the end of the month. The monthly pages seemed like a good idea at first so I could keep everything in March together, but writing things down twice was redundant.

The weekly pages are on one page and gives me everything at a glance.  I also include things like the menu for the day and reminders of things I want to do on certain days, such as call the insurance agent on Wednesday.  I don't write it directly on Wednesday's daily page because I don't set up my pages ahead of time

I'm using a dated grid page for my daily pages.  Some days I use washi and colored pens and stickers, some days I just use a pen.  It really depends on how I feel on that day. A lot of time, the decorating will come at the end of the day since the function is number one in my book.  I want to be able to look at my page and have my eyes go directly to my to-do list and other important information.  When I have lots of white space and want to be creative, I'll include the weather, some scripture, maybe some lettering, etc.

Sticky notes are great tools in your calendar pages, especially for reminders. I keep them by my bed and write things down that I think of before bed or even early the next morning (I once jotted down a note in the middle of the night when it was pitch dark!).  The next day, stick them in your planner where needed. I write down my medication refills at night (transplant patient) and stick them on my daily page the next morning.

Tip: Want to remember to do something a year from now? Include a section in your planner for future dates and write it down!  I have a blank grid page at the end of my Month on 2 Pages section where I write down future dates, such as yearly appointments, etc.

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