My Planning System - Part 3: Weekly & Monthly Review

 You have probably already figured out that if I have a daily review, I'm also going to have a weekly and monthly review. If you want to learn more about this process, I'd encourage you to look up "weekly planning review" or "weekly planner routine" on YouTube.  Everyone does it a little differently, and I've learned lots of good things by watching other people go through theirs.

Every Saturday I sit down with my planner to pull things together.  I review the week past and look ahead to the following week.  As with my daily review, I have a list to guide me through the process.  My list is typed up on a 4x6 index card that I keep in the pocket of my TN.  I didn't laminate it this time because I seem to change it up so often anyway!  Here's my weekly:

Just like my daily review, I want to look over the different areas of my planner to check if there is anything that I need to take care of that I may have overlooked.  As I do this, I scribble down anything that comes to mind in my brain dump/notes notebook.  Sometimes I just write it down on a sheet of paper or even on a blank daily page.

If I do a thorough daily and weekly review, my monthly review goes by pretty quickly.  It's all about starting a new month:  I add new daily and weekly pages, update the monthly page with holidays and birthdays. I print a couple of sticky notes for my financial section and add family schedules and recurring events to the monthly pages as well.  Ideally, I like to set goals for myself for the month ahead and record my progress.  Sometimes that doesn't go as planned!  <sheesh!>

Not everyone uses a guided review - I think those people have better memories than I - but regardless, taking the time to look at the big picture helps me feel like I'm taking care of things!

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