My Thoughts on Michael's Travelers Notebook

 Previously I shared with you guys that I had bought a TN from Michael's to experiment with, to see if I would actually like using a TN.

The reason I chose one from Michael's was simply that it was on sale.  The original cost was $9.99 (a great beginner price), but the ones I bought were discounted to $3.00.  I bought three at that price because they came with two inserts and a folder, and I bought 2 packages of inserts separately because they were discounted to $1.00.  So, even if I didn't like the TN, I would be getting a good deal just with the inserts.

The notebook is standard size and has four elastics, a sturdy brown folder, and two inserts (grid and blank).  The biggest problem I had with this notebook is the elastics.  They were thin.  I mean thin! I had plenty of room to set up my notebook, but once they were in place, they slid all over the place.  The elastics were thin and very stretchy.  I was going to use it until my birthday (end of April), and then decide on a more permanent notebook, but I didn't last more than a week.  I just couldn't handle everything moving all around.

The notebook looked a bit worn when it arrived, but I think maybe it had just been sitting around on a shelf for a long time and maybe handled a bit.  That was to be expected I guess since it was a clearance price.  The front of one of the notebooks had what looked like a spill.  It was shiny, but not wet or sticky.  If I had paid full price for the notebook, I would have returned it.  At this point, I was in it for the inserts.

So, would I recommend this notebook?  Only if you received one in great condition and knew something about putting in new elastics.  The notebook is made up of (I believe) vinyl backed with paper for the inside cover, and it was separating in places when it arrived.

Sorry - not a very good review for Michael's - and I hate that because I really love Michael's - but I would stay away from this TN for long-term use.

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