Planner Insert Bucket List

 I recently heard on a YouTube video, "if you are looking for the perfect planner insert, but still haven't found it, chances are, it doesn't exist."  That made a lot of sense to me.  There are a lot of insert creators out there, and a lot to choose from, but if you haven't found your perfect one, it is probably something unique and special that only exists in your imagination.

So, what would it look like?  Can you describe it?  Does it need grids or lines?  Does it need grids but a specific size?  All sorts of things could contribute to an insert that you deem is perfect.

I've made all sorts of inserts myself.  Sometimes I like to create them just for the sake of the creating process because I enjoy it, and I need a list of new inserts to create.

I want to create something you guys would like. So, I would love it if you would comment below what kind of insert you would like for me to offer next on my blog (always free) - the more details, the better; don't assume that I know what it should look like.

I can't make promises as to how many I can get to, but you know I am going to try!  Here are some things to consider:

  • insert size
  • type of insert (daily, monthly, weekly, tracker, etc.)
  • grids, dot grids, lines...
  • font choice
  • text-size
  • margins
  • one page or two-page spread
  • folded insert
Let your imagination run wild...and comment away

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  1. two page per day, A5, with 30m time blocking down the left side of the left page (for pomodoro), w/ 5mm grid or dot. don't need much other than blank grid for the rest of the spread.

    portrait or landscape works.

  2. Bryan, I'm not familiar with the Pomodoro, and I feel like this is not a lot to go on. I'm seeing a grid with 30 minute schedule on the left side (start time?). The rest of the page is one big grid? With a 2 page spread, does something else go on the second page or is it a repeat of the first for printing purposes. Sorry for all the questions - I am not a professional, LOL!

  3. A weekly menu plan with grocery list separately for on the back, so over 2 pages. A6 size please. xxxxx

  4. thank you for your article, I have given up finding the perfect planner, I use a planner from a store and just use it how I want too. Sticky notes on pages, lines down the page to split it into columns so that I can add to do etc. It works and shows my life not a life I would like to live.


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